If there are two women who know the trials and tribulations women face on a daily basis, it is Angelia and Nicole. Their own lives have been witness to moments of individual struggle, anxiety, and despair.

Despite this, they have come to realize that life is not simply the challenges that come with it, but the way in which one responds to adversity. They believe that it is these moments that give us the greatest opportunity for personal growth and advancement. It is with this mindset that both Angelia and Nicole were able to overcome their own personal challenges in life and become the people they are today. Successful women in their own right.

Their professional paths crossed coincidently through a shared yearning to encourage, educate and empower others based on their own respective life experiences. Having created a close personal and professional bond, they soon realized that they shared the same desire to help empower women of all ages regardless of their background. Let’s Talk with Angelia and Nicole Show aims to do just that; to serve as a platform for inspiration, guidance and ultimately, personal growth.

Friends first, colleagues second; it is this approach to their camaraderie that creates the soul of this show; it is very much built around the concept of sharing with others, and inspiring them to take charge of their lives. The show will discuss candidly issues facing women today, exploring real-life solutions, as well as celebrating the achievement of those who have proved that sheer hard work and dedication always prevails.

While the premise of the show is very much about finding real-life solutions to issues faced by its audience, light entertainment will play a key role in its episode offerings; studio performances in the form of singing, poetry, and comedy by special guests and artists. The talk show will also weave current everyday news and politics into its programme.

With the help of studio guests from a range of disciplines, the show will carefully dissect and evaluate an array of subject matters ranging from anxiety, suicide, depression, relationships, failures in life, success, fitness, healthy lifestyles and entrepreneurship. At all times, staying true to the essence of the show; to share and care for those around you, and wanting for others that which you desire for yourself.

Let’s Talk with Angelia and Nicole Show broadcasts its first show on TBD…..


to try in bring to life all the many issues that surround women. We have a strong desire to take on the conversations that many run from and to shine a ray of light and joy on the everyday woman!

Angelia Dunbar

Angelia’s friends and colleagues describe her as a woman of strength, compassion, integrity, and excellence. If you met her in person, you’d agree she is just that and a whole lot more.

A highly successful real estate developer with extensive sales experience, Angelia holds an impressive resume – with many organizations calling upon her services over the last decade.

Following an uninspiring experience in studying computer programming, Angelia realized her yearning for something greater and more profound. She dedicated herself to helping others; her role within social services being the stepping stone towards this endeavor.

Her commitment to giving was ignited following a number of hard-hitting moments in her life. Becoming a mother at a very young age, moving away from her family home at just nineteen, and making a full recovery from breast cancer in her later life profoundly strengthened her outlook on life. It was here that she made a firm commitment to sharing her story of resilience with others, with the aim of inspiring them to take full responsibility for their lives and reaching their highest potential.

Aside from her entrepreneurial flare and selfless approach in sharing her life lessons, Angelia is a keen writer and a well respected public speaker. If she’s not at her desk preparing her next talk, you will find Angelia exploring the world’s inspiring places; she finds immense inspiration from travel and does not mind getting wet during her much-loved water activities! Her love for music inspires her daily.

Angelia describes herself as a “go-getter” and someone who is very much inspired by her Father and Son; two individuals who have served as reminders of what it means to love unconditionally. To care and to love are her life mantras, serving as her daily reminder that life’s mission is always more than just ourselves.

Angelia continues to be a driving force in her field. Yet her desire to be on a journey of continuous development and growth serves as her biggest driving force in life and ensures her feet are always kept firmly on the ground.

“We’re not on this journey alone” – Angelia Dunbar


Friends first, colleagues second; it is this approach to our camaraderie that creates the soul of the Let’s Talk With Angelia & Nicole Show.

Nicole King

Nicole is married and is a busy mother of three children and currently continues her work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Nicole King is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant who is has been dedicated to helping clients realize their fitness goals for over 15 years. Nicole’s training in fitness and nutrition counseling are key in helping her clients to set realistic expectations. However, her ability to quickly build rapport with her clients has led to hundreds of successful outcomes.

Nicole takes time to help her clients identify the personal emotional triggers that contribute to their making unhealthy food and lifestyle choices, and helps them to clearly identify WHY they want to commit to making a positive change. She provides consistent feedback, positive reinforcement and assists them with being accountable for their contributions to their goals. This formula helps Nicole’s clients to stay focused and motivated as they move throughout their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Nicole is married and is a busy mother of three children and currently continues her work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She holds a certification in personal training and is also certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Additional certifications include Turbo Kick Boxing, Aqua Aerobics, 24 Lift (weight training), 24 SET (strength training) and Aerobics Instruction. Nicole has also received Honor and Distinction Awards for her dedicated service, leadership, and commitment from her employment as Slim for Life, and holds several sales awards that span throughout her career.


We are committed to giving you the best of  Financial planning, Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Current Events ( The Happenings), Hot Spots, Relationships, and other Issues Affecting Women.

Let’s Talk will hit these topics head-on with interviews from experts in all these areas as well as up and comers. These men and women are snaking a difference in women’s lives and they will make a difference in yours.